Coaching Development Bursaries from Lincolnshire Sport

Lincolnshire Sport are supporting the development of local coaches through two new bursary schemes designed to help people get more involved in coaching and athlete development:

Lincolnshire Sport Women’s & Girls’ Coach Development Fund: supporting women and girls between 16 and 30.

Lincolnshire Sport Disability Coach Development Fund: supporting people with disability aged 16 and over.

The bursaries are available from November 1st and the deadline for application is December 5th. They cover 100% of a Level 1 or Level 2 equivalent coaching award, as well as ongoing support with coaching development plans and training needs analysis through the Lincolnshire Sport Coach & Instructor Network (CIN).

Applicants must be members of the Coach and Instructor Network (…and if you have an interest in coaching then you should join the group anyway!) Membership is free and you can register at

For more details or to apply for the bursaries, please follow this link to the Lincolnshire Sport website.

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