Multi-Skills Coaching Opportunity (SDC1 and 2)

We have been asked to pass on an invitation from some SDC Yr 3 students who are looking for people willing to help deliver a multi-skills project. More details for this opportunity – which is only open to SDC Yr 1 and 2 students, I’m afraid – are as below. The deadline is January 17th, so move fast!

“We are currently year 3 students studying the Contemporary Issues in Physical Education module. As part of this module we are required to organise and carry out two multi-skills festivals around the Lincolnshire area. As you are aware competition in the sporting field is tough, we are providing an opportunity for you to gain some coaching experience and additional volunteering experience for your CV.

We are looking for 10 confident and reliable coaches to assist with these festivals. You will be required to lead and monitor a group of year 1 children around the stations.

The dates, locations and times are as follows:

Monday 20th January, 2014 – Cherry Willingham Community School (10.00-11.30am)

Friday 24th January, 2014 – The Priory City of Lincoln Academy (10.00-11.30am)

However we will be required to be there from 9.15am, should you require transport we have limited positions we can offer to commute with us. However if you and your friends have transport available and travel together this would be easier. For those who struggle with transport we will be in the sports centre ready to leave at: 8.30am as us organisers are required to be there early to set up.

If you are interested please contact Kay Noble ( with your availability for either of these dates before Friday 17th January, 2014.

Many Thanks,

Year 3 Project Team,
(Kay Noble, Elizabeth Kirk, Hannah Laws, Emma James and Kate Voice). “

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