Student Researchers RAISE IMPress’ Profile At National Conference

Three of the School’s students – Emma Lewis, Lucy Roy and Bethany Richardson – represented IMPress at the recent RAISE 2014 conference in Manchester. The conference theme was Student Engagement: Opportunities For All and the three certainly too full advantage of theirs. Bethany and Lucy presented a poster entitled IMPress: Reflections on a student-led employability network that was really positively received by an international audience of academics and students.

beth and lucy
Bethany and Lucy with their poster

Emma joined Bethany and Lucy, as well as academics Dan Bishop and Christian Swann, to give a presentation about the IMPress research project Producing employable graduates in sport: maximising the benefits from volunteering and its preliminary findings. The project, which also involves student Stephanie Osborn and academic Sandy Willmott, is described in more detail on the PEGS page. (Both presentations are also available on the same page.)

Congratulations to Lucy, Bethany and Emma! The final project results will be used to create a Volunteering Toolkit for students, as well as a research publication.

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