Level 2 Coaches Wanted! Virtual Sports Coaching (VIRSCO)

Local coaching providers VIRSCO are looking for enthusiastic individuals to help guide children through their physical education and extracurricular activities. They are looking for level 2 coaches in any sport, preferably with their own transport (not essential).

The role will involve leading and running physical education lessons, lunchtime and after school clubs. You will be required to lead coaching sessions, set up and clear away after every session, making sure that the area is safe and ready for the sessions to flow and run smoothly. As a coach you will make session plans for each of the sessions you are running, make sure that you are there on time and deliver quality sessions for the children in each of the schools. As a coach you should have excellent behaviour management skills and make sure the sessions are flowing and all the children are engaged in the activities. 

If this position is something that you would be interested in please contact VIRSCO or send them an email with your C.V.

Tel: 07870758278

Email: info@virsco.co.uk

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