Sport Science Opportunities, Grimsby Town FC Academy

An opportunity has arisen for some extended voluntary work with Grimsby Town FC Academy. Activities / duties would include:

  • Collecting RPE data each session from each team / group and collating in a spreadsheet
  • Collecting anthropometric data for all players in the academy with a focus on examining PHV in u11 – 16
  • Preparing learning materials for parents (e.g. 5 points on a successful bodyweight squat)

There is some flexibility in the roles, however, and  other activities / duties could include:

  • Leading and / or facilitating warm ups to groups (e.g. u9/10/11 warm up together)
  • Leading and / or facilitating physical preparation sessions to smaller groups with a specific focus (e.g. co-ordination, unilateral balance etc.)

Different age groups train at different times, but all are within the window of 5-8pm on Mondays and Fridays.

The Academy are looking to get students involved ASAP. Applications from postgraduates are particularly welcome, but undergraduates who are good communicators with children are also encouraged to apply.

The main things for students to consider if they would like to be involved is:

  • Can they commit for the majority of the season and not just turn up intermittently or for a brief period (e.g. be consistent for two weeks and then no available for the next three)
  • Can they transport themselves to Oasis Academy Wintringham (Weelsby Ave, Grimsby DN32 0AZ) in a timely manner

We have been told that there is definitely an opportunity for these roles to develop into paid work at GTFC. They are also very open to students suggesting how they could potentially collect data for dissertation purposes.

If you would like to know more about the roles, or would like to contact the club to discuss options further, please contact Sandy Willmott initially at

Note: we are preparing a list of other volunteering options in the local area, for promotion during Welcome Week later this month. Please keep an eye out for new posts here, on Blackboard and on social media.

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