Level 3 Massage Course at Univ of Lincoln (June, August 2017)

A course is currently being arranged for those interested in gaining a sports massage qualification that is recognised nationally by a Government-approved awarding body (Vocational Training Charitable Trust, VTCT).

The content of this Level 3 qualification is comprised of all the required elements needed to work effectively and efficiently as a sports massage therapist. This includes the practical application of anatomical and physiological knowledge, key elements of professional practice, an understanding of the principles of health and fitness and how to provide sports massage treatments. Following successful completion of the course, the Level 3 sports massage therapist will be able to work safely and effectively on dysfunctional tissue in a range of context, to include, pre-event, post event, intra-event and for maintenance purposes. Indeed, those students who have completed the course over the last couple of years have since gained valuable experience (and employment) working in a range of sporting environments, including mass participation ultra-endurance events and professional football clubs.

The total cost will be £750, although to help spread this out the course providers are happy to break this down into an initial deposit (£150.00) followed by up to 6 monthly instalments (i.e. £100 each). All formal material will be delivered over two separate, 5-day periods (5-9th June and 14-18th August) and all assignments and case study hours needing to be submitted before the final practical assessment can be completed on the final day of the course.

If you are interested in attending this course then please get in touch with Danny Taylor (dtaylor@lincoln.ac.uk) to receive further/more detailed information, ask any further questions and/or request a form to register your details with the course provider. Be aware that the number of places available may be limited, so the sooner you can get in touch the better.

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