Update Meeting: Lincoln Award & Volunteering (Tues 10th December)

There will be an IMPress meeting at 6.45pm on Tuesday 10th December in the Coaching Suite (after the postgraduate study options presentation). Among the topics to be discussed will be the Lincoln Award (the University’s accreditation scheme for volunteering), a Dartfish Certified Technologist training course, some other recent volunteering opportunities that have arisen, and what you – the School’s students – would like to see from IMPress in 2014!

All students from the School of Sport & Exercise Science – undergraduate and graduate – are very welcome!

Volunteer at Lincolnshire FA Girls’ Centre of Excellence

There are many volunteering opportunities available at the Centre of Excellence, which is based at Lincoln Christ’s Hospital School. These include coach analysis, video-based game analysis, sport psychology support, and sports therapy. For more details about any of these, please contact Glen Harris at Glen.Harris@lincolnshirefa.com or (08449) 670708

Lincoln Parkrun: Volunteers and Runners

Just to let you know that Lincoln Parkrun is due to start on Saturday November 16th. Parkrun’s are a free, timed 5k run organised every week. So there are none of the hefty fees you often see with organised running events. Each run will be held at 9am in Boultham Park, Lincoln.

Parkruns have become incredibly popular up and down the country but the success is reliant on a band of volunteers. Volunteers can help in a number of ways (marshalling, operating the timer, etc.) and offer a good chance to experience event management and organisation.
If you want to know more or are interested in volunteering (or running) then have a look at the Lincoln Parkrun website for details:

Sports Therapy Presentation (Thurs 14th November)

Gary Benson from the Sports Therapy Organisation will be giving a presentation in the Coach Education Suite at 6pm on Thursday 14th November. This should provide a valuable insight into the sports therapy profession and clarify the qualification/placement/employment options which may be open to you as you progress through your undergraduate studies and beyond. There will also be an opportunity to ask Gary any specific questions you may have about working in the industry.

The talk is open to everyone, but please email Danny Taylor at dtaylor@lincoln.ac.uk if you would like to attend.

Volunteering: Gifted & Talented Workshops (Weds 23rd October)

Volunteers are sought to help with running a range of sports science workshops next Wednesday (23rd Oct). Help is particularly needed in the areas of biomechanics and physiology. Sessions will run from 10:30 to 3:30 (with a lunch break between 12:15 and 1:00), and you would be given all the necessary instruction for the activities.

It will be an interesting opportunity to work with 10-11 year olds who have been identified as highly talented by their schools/regions.

You will also be able to use these hours to fulfill any module-related requirements related to voluntary placements (eg in Employability, RM1 or ISS).

If you would be interested in helping then please contact Danny Taylor at dtaylor@lincoln.ac.uk by Tuesday morning, to confirm your involvement or ask any questions you might have. Thanks!